About us

Abmar Barbosa Bjj Sub Apparel
SUB Apparel was conceived way back in 2009 in a time when the only professional BJJ and fight gear was available from overseas suppliers. Obtaining and trialling some new kit meant spending large amounts of time fishing through billboards, searching sports retailers and using word of mouth to find out about quality products. Sub saw the need for high quality, professional and high performance fight apparel and started by sampling and trialling different cuts, designs and fabrics for local QBJJC competitions. As the products were refined and the word started to get out about these Australians making fight gear, the possibility of being able to give back to the sport by sponsoring athletes and competitions presented itself.

The SUB Pro Team was first formed to highlight outstanding athletes in Australia’s fight game; athletes who were talented but also represented the image of what we hoped the Australian fight game would mature into. Current and previous athletes of the SUB Pro Team include Abmar Barbosa, Kit Dale, Bruno Alves, Antonio Carlos Junior (Cara de Sapato), Joao Anderson, Pasha Stolyar, Jess Fraser, Thiago Braga, Jake O’Driscoll, Harry Grech, Myles Simpson, Tristan Murphy, Xavier Sales, Brett Jacobsen, David Rangi Thomas… the list goes on. We share our athletes' journies whether it’s a win, loss, draw, injury or just day to day chat. We have been proud to witness and share in the growth and success they have found in the years since we have been involved, and are grateful for being able to keep supporting these athletes from grass-roots to the world stage.

SUB Apparel has also been a long-time supporter of Australia’s fight game, with current and previous sponsorship in numerous years with the IBJJF, AFBJJ, Queensland Jiu Jitsu Circuit, New South Wales Jiu Jitsu, Pan-Pacs, Sydney BJJ Cup, Grappling Industries and more. We’ve been long time event sponsors, prize sponsors and supporters of Australia’s MMA scene in Eternal MMA and XFC. The growth of each event over the last few years has been amazing, and with the continued support and dedication of athletes and customers, new and old, we are all looking at a bright future.
Now, SUB Apparel is operated out the beautiful coastal town of Yeppoon, Queensland with current distributors in Gold Coast and Virginia (Qld). We, along with our distributors, run stalls showcasing our range, providing support and putting up prizes at BJJ competition’s Australia-wide. Come and say Hi! We deal with gyms, individual athletes, retailers, wholesalers and international customers.
Please let us know if there’s anything we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.