New line release

Sub apparel is excited to be releasing our new line of products and new website early July . The new line feature's a more modern and minimal style and also boasts our first woman's custom gi the Queen B . With a new team of athletes we'll continue to support local athletes with their martial arts journey .

we our releasing our new male gi 'the player' available in both white and black variations. Inspired by the term jiu jitsu player and also that of a strategic chess player it features a inside jacket polyester /spandex lining that is feels super comfortable . Wearing the new gi here is Josh allsopp of AOJ


mixed martial artist Jesse wearing the Queen B
Tito Carle getting the win at subversion
Keep an eye on our athletes as they will be sure to be making wave on the
Jiu Jitsu scene 
sub athlete and co owner Keller books his place to the ADCC world championship
Gracie Humaita's Wendy Tran
sub apparel co owner George Hanlan
sub apparel ambassador Werique Oliveira
Seb Attard
Our new team consists of Keller Locke Sodhi (grappling education) , George Hanlan (legacy) , Tito Carle (grappling education) , Josh Allsopp (AOJ) , Wendy Tran (Gracie Humaita) , Jesse Wenzlick (training grounds) , Paul Stoylar (Southside mma) 
and Seb Attard (jiu jitsu fighters) 
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